Use license in my laptop instead of my activated desktop

Hello everyone,
I tried to reactivate my Dorico license in my laptop instead of my Desktop for carrying purposes and I’m stucked with a My Steinberg message that says “There is no Soft-eLicenser to reactivate”. I have already registered the elicense with the serial number many times, and the maintenance button. Also, I have installed Dorico in my laptop and tried to make it work from the elicenser control center there, but no results.

Please Help.
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I’m afraid I can’t help with eLicenser-related issues, sorry. I think you will need to fill out the support request form in MySteinberg for help with this. I will also get in touch with our support team to see if there is any general advice I can give for this situation.

Is this the kind of reply that could free you up by going in an FAQ somewhere, Daniel?

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I don’t quite understand what you try to do. You want to transfer the Dorico license from your desktop to your laptop, right?
Dorico is protected by a Soft-eLicenser license, and this license is only valid on a particular machine and can not be transfered from one machine to another. The only thing you could do is, transfer the Dorico to a USB eLicenser, but this is only possible once. With the USB eLicenser you can then run Dorico on as many computers you like, but not in parallel, just only on the one computer where the USB eLicenser (aka dongle) currently is connected to.

I heard back from our support team that there is a problem with the reactivation of Dorico via MySteinberg, which we will hopefully either get to the bottom of or at least start to get to the bottom of tomorrow.

Ulf is correct that certainly another option is to transfer the license onto a USB-eLicenser if you have one, though that is a one-way operation at the moment, so you cannot currently return the license back to a Soft-eLicenser on one of your computers at a later date.

Yes UIf, that is exactly what I want to do and use Dorico only on my laptop. The problem is that I’m not in the USA to buy a USB eLicenser. In the future I will get one but for now my only hope is to wait for the support team fix the reactivation problem.
Thank’s for your response

Believe me mateoszr, USB eLC is quite useful in a lot of occasions. Now you can transfer a license to it but not back to a PC. Hopefully this will change, but you can transfer it from one USB to another with no problem (I have 5 USB and sometimes I need to change licenses position due to laptops or Desktops use). I never have a license out of an USB for this reason.

You can for sure order one (or more) via Internet and get the last faster USBeLC in a couple of days.

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I have now successfully re-activated Dorico onto a new soft-eLicense on my desktop. I’m assuming this system is not designed for frequently moving licenses between different machines?

No, there are usage limits on the number of times you can reactivate your Soft-eLicenser. The system is designed to provide a reactivation in the situation that you have e.g. reformatted your system or bought a new computer, and if you try to use it regularly to move Dorico from one computer to another you will find that you eventually get refused.