Use longa notehead for brevis as well

I’ve tried my best to make it so, in the default notehead set, the notehead used for the brevis (double whole note) is the same as the one used for a longa (four-times whole note). The problem is, I don’t want to change the one for the maxima (eight-times whole note). So I’ve tried:

  • setting this notehead I like (mesuralNoteheadLongaWhite) to “shorter and equal” to longa
  • setting it to “longer and equal” to brevis
  • editing the actual default nothead of the brevis with the “Edit Notehead” dialog and replacing it with the same glyph that is mensuralNoteheadLongaWhite.

none of it’s worked, and it’s mostly not changed anything…
Does someone know what I can do?

Bildschirmfoto 2024-05-02 um 23.52.27

The problem is that Dorico uses the Larger Noteheads by default rather than the Default Noteheads. Select the Larger Noteheads in the left column of the Edit Notehead Sets dialog and then change the notehead for the double whole note using the Edit Notehead dialog.

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Bravura uses the Larger Noteheads by default. Also, the Larger Notehead set is always Bravura, even if another music font is selected.

Perfect, that did it!