Use MIDI Remote with a touchscreen

Hello to all Midi Remote specialists
Steinberg has been warning us for several months that the configuration options on this page will be deleted
Please use MIDI Remote in the lower area of ​​the project window.
So I’m trying to recreate all my function assignment pages in Cubase but it doesn’t work.
To clarify things, I am running Cubase 13.0.41 Windows 11 and I am using the SHERLOCK Plugin from 14bitMIDI by Karol Obara
which works very well and very quickly with my 24" Dell P2418HT touch screen.
The only annoyance I have from time to time is a random error message when starting Cubase.



which forces me to close these 3 windows and close the session but not Cubase and after all everything works perfectly.
So I tried to create some buttons to test Midi Remote with my Plugin
but the buttons seem to stay activated once pressed
and in the end it ends up crashing Cubase.

I of course created these buttons in acquisition mode
Here are the different captures

I tried with or without the transmit to hardware box

I disabled the midi ports

Should we also disable all midi devices or is disabling ports enough?

and if this was resolved
how to reach all pages of my Plugin
because I use 13 and I can go up to 18

I also specify that I have an Arturia Keylab 88 MKII keyboard which corresponds to the first Mackie Control
The second being for the Sherlock Plugin
I haven’t created any scripts for the keyboard

Well I deactivated the midi devices it works better but I have to click twice for my PLEs to be taken into account?