Use Motherboard's built-in S/PDIF and Bluetooth connection for Nuendo output?

Title says it all really.

I’m currently using RME drivers for my RME interface, but occasionally I’d like to use the built-in S/PDIF on my PC’s motherboard to audition through a different system as well as use the motherboard’s built-in bluetooth as an audio output so I can monitor through a low-fi bluetooth speaker and headphones.

I haven’t been able to correctly get this setup yet, is there a software driver I should check out or similar that anybody can reccommend for doing this?

Thanks, Dave

Did you try ASIO4ALL ?

If you don’t need more than 16 channels from/to Nuendo, you should try Dante Via. It would allow you to use the RME and the built-in soundcard at the same time.