Use MR816CSX to record Cubase AND Tascam DP24 same time

Hello all,
My question is how to connect my external multitrack recorder TASCAM DP24 to the outputs of my MR816CSX.

I’d like to record a live orchestra via my MR into Cubase 7.5 and AT THE SAME TIME record the same source into my TASCAM (in fact as safety back-up recording, … just in case my imac would struggle with the recording)
Is this possible? I thought so, but I can 't find the proper way to set it up … and where to set it up?
One person advised me to route the output of each track in Cubase to the MR816 output channels 1-8 via the mixer.
But I’m a little confused how to exactly set it up as previous attempts were not successfull?
Maybe someone of you guys can advice me what exactly to do? Should I do this in the MR editor, the Cubase mixer, … ?

Many thanks,

If you want to record to the TASCAM as a safety measure, I wouldn’t advice to to route the signal through the MR816/Cubase system at all. If something happens, your back-up recording would probably be damaged aswell.

What you should do is use splitter boxes to split the signal and send one copy to the MR816 and the other to the TASCAM. That way, if something happens to the MR816/Cubase system, the TASCAM back-up recording is unaffected.

The splitter boxes can be a bit expensive. However they are quite common when recording live venues, so I’m sure you can rent them at you neighbourhood PA rental firm for a reasonable price if you consider the investment cost unwarranted.

What Svenne said. I would also add if you cant afford a splitter box yo can buy XLR 1 in 2 out splitters pretty cheap.
Just make sure you make the DPS you phantom power source

Many thanks for the valuable advice!
I purchased a splitter box from ART, the S8-3way.
Connecting and setting up the routing was easy, using multi cables.
The recording went well, … and I 'll end up by editing in Cubase and mastering in Wavelab.
Thanks again.