Use multiple audio interfaces on Windows

Well, Steinberg once set a standard with CST, maybe it sets one for this problem. After all, Steinberg would be way ahead again.

In any case, I think it’s about time to create a standard, after all, a lot has happened in the audio area, which should be taken into account.

If you connected all your a/m gear in the analogue domain… you would avoid any audio clock issues. Analogue has its advantages.


I do that to some extent, but then the sound is anything but satisfying. After all, one always has to deal with transition resistances.

I can only use miked recordings for acoustic guitars and vocals, e-guitar and e-bass are too loud. I have an ISO-Bos with interchangeable speakers for guitar and bass, but that’s also rather suboptimal.

MIDI devices such as keyboards and an e-drum are also no problem.

For years I’ve been constantly buying gear and trying out the guitar sound, but so far I’ve never been satisfied.

The Bos Katana is actually an exception, but then I can’t listen to what I’m actually recording because the output to the Katana is via USB via its signal chain.

Even software amps have not really been satisfactory for me so far.

I understand that. But if I look at my particular setup, there is no need to use analogue signals.
So I’d rather use those digital (USB) signals coming out of sound modules or hardware synths that have ASIO drivers.

If you use a lot of this sort of thing, it might pay to just get or build a MINI PC dedicated to hosting these devices. You might even be able to do it with older stuff you’ve retired to ‘taking up space in the closet duty’.

If your workstation motherboard only has one ethernet port, you can always add a second one dedicated to audio for a song and a dance.

To get the signals in…you could go SPDIF/ADAT or ethernet (stream through ASIO Link Pro/jack2/reaStream/and there might be even more network based options out there)

It might even be possible to get a low latency ip stream via computer with a free linux OS. Look into jack2 (probably included with most modern distros, and there are also Windows versions), as that can stream over networks and such.

Oh, I almost forgot! If you can run Cubase Pro on a pair of machines, VSTLink might be an interesting option. That setup can get you several low/no latency audio and MIDI streams going over a single SPDIF or ADAT connection.

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Thanks for these tips, they are really wonderful, especially the last one with VST-Connect is worth its weight in gold from my point of view.

It’s all a lot of tinkering though, I’d prefer that this topic was tackled, not necessarily by Steinberg or Steinberg alone:

Times have changed and with it the situation in the studios, which could slowly be accommodated.