Use my purchased Cubase on my iPad ?

Hope someone can help me with this query?

I originally started on Cubase 5 and I’m as far as 8.5 now upgrade wise and I use it on an iMac.

I wanted the facility to be able to create midi tracks on my iPad or laptop while away from home.

Do I need to purchase another Cubase product to use on my iPad/Laptop or am I able to use my Existing Cubase 8.5 on them?

Cubase does not run on iOs devices. That´s what Cubasis LE 2 (free) or Cubasis 2 is for

Thanks Svennilenni,

Will I be able to install my Cubase 8.5 on my laptop without having to pay for another licence?

Yes. Though you can not use it on two computers at the same time.

. Steinberg likes to get paid. They even charge for update .5 versions

Other companies also release upgrades in the year basis and get paid for every single upgrade. It’s the same. Advantage of Steinberg.5 is it’s cheaper.