Use of chord diagrams in different flows

I’m working on a lead sheet for piano and vocal. I have 3 flows. 1st one has piano with vocal with guitar chord diagrams, the second is just the melody with chords but no chord diagrams, and the 3rd flow is a piano arrangement with chords but no chord diagrams.

My problem is when I remove the chord diagrams from the piano in the 3rd flow, the piano in the 1st flow also loses the chord diagrams. I’ve been able to work around this by adding an electric piano and renaming it “piano”, but I would like to know if there is a way of turning off guitar chord diagrams for individual flows of the same instrument (ie: piano in this case) without affecting the same instrument in another flow. Is this possible?

I’m not sure there is a way to show chord diagrams on a per-flow basis, unfortunately.

On a side note, if you renamed an electric piano instrument to “piano” to avoid the automatic numbering of e.g. Piano 1 and Piano 2, you can instead just put one of the players into a separate group - this prevents Dorico numbering them.