Use of emoji's in C8 re: 'personal style and approach'

Aloha guys,

Under: Menu—>Edit—> at the very bottom there is a ‘Emoji and Symbois’ tab.

I have not yet used them so I thought to first ask some of the great minds that hang here,

1-On a personal level wondering how (and where) you guys use emoji’s in C8?

2-Is ‘Symbois’ spelled correctly? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Mahalo and TIA (thanks in advance)

The same way we use the comprehensive and well-written Operation Manual.

Good one M and also very true.

And it is totally ‘ma bad’ that I failed to mention
that I was asking more about personal ‘style’ and ‘approach’.

My apologies and I will correct the original post.

strange… can’t find them on my edit menu or manual !!
CP8.10 windows 7
is that only a Mac version thing only ?

I wont use them.

so its a real thing or some kind of joke i can’t get :unamused: ? (not a native english and humor speaking :wink: !!)

Aloha m,

No joke.
Along with what seems like hundreds of tech symbols,
they are there and I even have them in C7.5


I think that’s a MacOS thing isnt it? I saw this on a co-worker’s VPN client menus just today, thought it was a little odd…

I was being facetious … yes, it’s Mac thing! :slight_smile:

Those whackie mac-ies! :laughing: