Use of Kore Player with Cubase 6

I am able to use all of NI’s plug ins in Cubase 6 (64) bit with the exception of Kore Player. I have not been able to find anything other that an executable file associated with this program. Am I doing something wrong or is it that Kore Player simply can’t be used as a plug in with Cubase? :question:

Try to find “Kore Player.dll”. It’s a 32 bit plug-in, so maybe it doesn’t show up in Cubase 6 because you have not yet set a path for 32 bit plug-ins.
NI wrote that they will work on a 64 bit version of Kore Player. At the moment, Kore is only present as a 32 bit version.
(By the way: Kore and Kore Player are no longer available, but NI promised to develop 64 bit versions despite of this.)

Are you sure NI said they would update Kore Player? 'Cause if they did, that makes my day. I’ve posted this question on the NI forum to be sure. Will keep you updated on this.

Oh, and meanwhile I don’t recommend anyone running Kore Player in 64-bit Cubase. It won’t be long before the program crashes. Even on 32-bit Cubase use Kore with care as it is prone to maxing your CPU way too fast, which again leads to crash, only it takes slightly longer.

I’m not really sure if the Player will be updated, too. But for Kore 2 itself NI stated:

“Native Instruments has decided to discontinue the KORE product range, in order to utilize its development resources in the best interest of its wider userbase.
KORE 2 will be supported through further maintenance updates for the time being, with 64-bit plugin versions of KORE 2 for Windows and Mac OS X currently in development. Technical support for KORE will also continue to be available.”

Hi all,

I am running Cubase 6 x64 on Windows 7 Pro x64, 16 gigs ram, i7 processor

Kore works fine with jbridge but wont save any settings when i load more than one player. But otherwise Jbridge does the trick in Cubase 6 x64 for all my other 32 bit plugins.

All the best

Hi, guys.
KORE player did get the final update on 19.12.2011 where among other things 64-bit compatibility for Kore Player vst-plugin was introduced for both PC and Mac. I was able to log in to my account and download the update.

Kore 2.1.4 and Kore Player 2.1.4 both include 64 bit plug-ins …

… as el-russo says while I’m writing this :slight_smile:

Kore player does run but occasionally crashes. always a bridging problem.

In a way i dont mind as its gradually become less and less relevant to things im working on. It sounds kinda dated and i think it was probably a good change in direction for Native. As it gradually fades from existence im not so sure ill really notice. It was good, but it had its time.