Use of Micrologue Arp with Cubasis 3


I have purchased Micrologue Arp for Cubasis 3, but i do not find how i can use this effect (it does not appear in the list of effects).

I have found it is not an effect, but an instrument.
It is OK.

Hi csalome,

Thank you for your message.

There are two ways to load and use the Micrologue ARP:

1 - Micrologue’s 4th ARP page
With the purchase of the Micrologue ARP, Micrologue is extended by a 4th page, housing the ARP.

  • Create a MIDI track and assign it to Micrologue
  • Tap the instrument icon in the track to open Micrologue in the instrument rack
  • In Micrologue: Tap the 4th button titled “ARP/STEP” to open the Micrologue ARP
  • In Micrologue: Tap the “Instr/Brows” on the left, and navigate to the presets to load the included ARP presets

2 - MEDIA BAY Micrologue ARP Presets
The Micrologue ARP comes with many arpeggiator presets, which you can review and load via simple fingert tap.

  • Go to MEDIA/Instruments/Micrologue/Arp Factory Presets
  • Enable “Autoplay” and choose a preset to listen to it
  • Make a double tap to instantly load Micrologue with the ARP preset to a new track

To learn more about the Micrologue ARP, please have a look at our dedicated tutorial.

Hope that helps and that you will enjoy the Micrologue ARP!

Stay well,