Use of multiple audio applications at the same time

hello everyone, I have installed cubase element 11 and with the advice of the forum everything seems to work perfectly, I am left with a problem, when I render a track and I want to hear how it sounds in an external program on my pc I discover that only by turning off cubase I can have the audio of the pc and then I have I found a page in the faq (Utilizzo di più applicazioni audio contemporaneamente) that explains everything but I did not understand if these settings are in cubase or in my pc, also if I try to enter the devices pc settings (win 10) the system gives me a message and it tells me that I have to contact the administrator but I am logged in as an administrator! why can’t i enter?
could someone help me?

In studio setup (so in cubase itself) you can enable “release driver when in background” to be able to play audio from other programs while cubase is minimized.

Thanks Vincent, I finally found the square to flag in the VST menu, it was well hidden from the old cubase 8.
thank you very much

You’re welcome ^^