Use of sonox plugins in Cubase or Nuendo

Since I own WL7, Cubase 6 and Nuendo 3, I was wondering if it would be possible to use the WL7 included Sonox plugins across the rest of the Steinberg products…

Yes, but they’re 32-bt only and to be quite honest, for what you would use them, you might as well just pull the audio into WaveLab. It’s an intriguing side-effect of owning multiple products from Steinberg, but of limited practical value.

[EDIT] Don’t have Nuendo but they do work in Cubase.

Yes. Just copy them into the common VST3 plugins folder and they work just fine - sort of.
They load, anyway.
I have had definite issues in Nuendo with the DeClicker not actually declicking and the DeNoiser not denoising.
They are dramatically “dumbed down” too compared to the full Sonnox Restoration tools.
IMSHO, you are better off with RX 2

Just heard from PG that Wavelab 7.2 (due out very soon) will include 64bit versions of the included Sonnox plugins. This could mean (I hope it does!) that we’ll be able to use the Wavelab Sonnox plugins in 64bit Cubase as well, which is great news! The 32bit ones won’t work with 64bit Cubase no matter what you try, including the wonderful jBridge, unfortunately.