Use other LUA libraries in Halion

Hi there,
is it possible, or has someone managed to load other LUA libraries within Halion?
I tried to embed the luasocket library, but when running with the debugger it does not find the libraries (dll) even though its searching in the right pathes.

Would be cool to know if this is generally possible.

Thanks Phil

Hi Phil,

You can use require to load lua modules.

Halion doesn’t support coroutine, io and os libraries. If the library you want to use depends on those it probably won’t work.

Are you trying to use luasocket for debugging?
I think Zerobrane is using luasocket for debugging. I never managed to make it work with Halion.

Hi Misohoza,
thanks for the info. Wanted to use luasocket for communicating with python. But it seems Halion does not load and find dlls.

Best Regards