Use pioneer DJM900 nxs2 as Audio Interface

Hi there,
i would like to use my pioneer djm900 nxs2 mixer as an audio interface in cubase 12.
So i know the device is powerfull to do that.
I have the latest driver published by pioneer, i can select the device in the studio options and open up the channels as usual to record an audio trace. But cubase cant get any audio signal. I just sequenced some stuff on my TR-8S and let it run the have any signal. So it got into the mixer through the mixer into the pc, but cubase 12 won’t eat it.
I don’t know what i am doing wrong. Perhaps someone has experiences with that equipment. It would be kind if u can suport me with some advices.

What about Studio>Audio Connections? What’s that look like?

i just tried something else at the moment and used another interface before. So this might look weird.

What’s in the Ausgange?

You should have sound output on your Stereo-Out

I wonder if this can depend on wrong port assignment or smth like this

It looks correct.

What happens if you create a new project and import some audio file to playback to do a simple test of audio output?

same i have a signal in cubase but no audio signal going out

Assuming the track is routed to Stereo out (it’s the default anyway) it must be somewhere else in the chain.

Soo follow the audio signal (virtual and physical) and examine each point where it has a gain control or connection.

I hjope its that easy and i will just have to raise some gein :grinning:

Good luck

Nice i got it working finally. Let me explain how. So the most channels are allready assigned (as given in a picture above). The only slot to choose is the master rec out, which is situated in usb 9 and 10. I crated a new Stereo BUS and assigned these two on left and right. So now i can record any channel pitched into the master.
To assign the master out u have to choose a channel on your DJM 900 and switch the upper assgin knob to the usb (A or B). I my case i picked channel 4. The driver says its USB Out 7 and 8 . I assigned it and it works.