Use plugins cubase 5 in cubase 8 elements

:bulb: Hello,
I bought cubase 8 elements and let me know if I can use plugins cubase 5. cubase 5 is the one used before . Thank you.

You could just add a path to them in the plug-in manager and find out for yourself. I’d guess that some will and some won’t. But the only way to tell is to give it a try.

The Cubase 5 plugins will require a legal Cubase Pro license, which this guy doesn’t have.

Well if he was previously using C5 he might still have the license for it. Would he need Pro in addition to that?

I will try to use the plugin manager to find what I’m looking for cubase 5. thank you very much .
relative to other comments on the license does not understand the question about my license cubase 5 .

I only use original software , work for ong and can not be otherwise . in this case I doubt your intentions .