Use Quick Controls for Groove Agent 5 - Volume - Coarse - Pan - Fine

hi, i want to use the quick Controls for the Groove Agent 5 , i have a Maschine Studio and i want to trigger the Main Parameters of the Amp in Groove Agent .

its working but my Problem is that the quick controls are not working globaly , i can only set one quick control for one Pad .

I would like it so that when I play a pad that the quick control changes to this.
For example, I have a kick on pad one and a snare on pad two.
If I move the quick control knob and want to control the volume of the kick then that also works.
But if I then play the snare, the quick control function remains with the kick.
I would like the quick control function to move to the pad that was hit last.

I think you know what I mean.
sorry for my bad english

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You might want to try posting this in the Cubase forum, which gets a lot more traffic than here. Plus, the quick controls are a Cubase feature.
Sorry, but I haven’t worked with he, enough to answer your question.

Do you have a Link to the Cubase Forum maybe ?

Thank you

Or you can just change the sub-topic above from “Virtual Instruments” to Cubase.

I’ve not used Maschine and I’m not too familiar with Akai MPC-style MIDI controllers in general, but maybe I can help point you in the right direction.

Unfortunately Groove Agent 5 doesn’t currently support per-pad Quick Controls. You have to right click the parameter you want to control and click Learn CC or Assign to New Automation.

If Maschine supports changing the controlled CCs or automation tracks when you hit different pads, then what you’re trying to do should be easily achievable.

For example, if you can setup Maschine like this:

Pad 1: Knobs control CC65, CC66, CC67, CC68
Pad 2: Knobs control CC69, CC70, CC71, CC72
Pad 3: Knobs control CC73, CC74, CC75, CC76
…and so on

You can use Learn CC to assign Kick [Volume - Coarse - Pan - Fine] to [CC65 - CC66 - CC67 - CC68], Snare [Volume - Coarse - Pan - Fine] to [CC69 - CC70 - CC71 - CC72], etc.
The assignment will stick even if you switch to another Groove Agent preset, and can be saved as the default controller assignment in the Options tab.

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The idea is just great, but to my knowledge machine unfortunately does not support this function.
To select a new “Midi profile” you have to press an arrow key on the hardware.

Maybe someone has a workaround for this. That would be really great.

But thanks for your great idea and the answer.