Use several instruments on one keyboard


please help me with an issue. thank you.
i want to use 2 instruments at the same time in kontakt player, but i want to use it in a way that from one instrument i can only play and hear the upper range and from the other instrument only the lower range (but i want to use them on one keyboard, so that if i play a higher note instrument A is played and if i play a lower note instrumetn B is played). is that possible somehow or is that simply impossible?

thank you

Some MIDI Keyboard Controllers will let you split the keys so anything below the split is on Channel X, and those above on Channel Y. Then just set the 2 instruments in Kontakt to the desired MIDI Channels. That’s the easiest way if you can.

If not you can use the Input Transformer to do a similar thing.

Make sure on your Instrument Track you set its MIDI Channel to “Any” and not a specific number or else all your MIDI will play back on that specific Channel.