Use Sony PCM-M10 as a mic in Cubase?

Hi, I bought the Sony PCM-M10 so I could do some field recordings for my music as background ambience etc, works like a dream!

I would like to start recording my own vocal hooks and also recording foley etc, messing with sound design.

It’s a bit of a nuisance recording stuff, then connecting it via USB, transferring the WAV files, loading Cubase, importing the audio, then trying stuff out…

Is there any way I could use this mic inside Cubase like a normal mic, so I can hear the stuff I am recording almost instantly? I know you can buy vocal mics etc but this thing records my voice and whatever else incredibly well I may as well getting more out of it!

I’ve been working with DAWs since around 2000 and not once have I ever tried using a mic, so I know nothing about it sorry, which is quite silly considering how good my productions/mixdowns are getting these days lol.

If it helps, I just purchased the Steinberg UR12 Audio Interface, I am prepared to buy whatever I need to make this possible :slight_smile:

Any help or a kick in the right direction would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


I don’t know the mic. But in general, you will need an Audio Interface (which you already purchased). Then you will plug your mic to the Audio Interface. This will convert the audio signal to the digital world, and send data via USB to Cubase, where you will record it as an Audio track. That’s it.

I know some Zoom recorders similar to the Sony have the capability to be used as an audio interface. But the manufacturer needs to create firmware on the device to support this, and provide a driver for the computer to use it as such… Don’t know for the Sony - should be in its manual.

Or you can simply record data to the internal storage, and then just copy the WAV file to your computer, and use them in Cubase.

I’m sorry, my previous post doesn’t make sense. I thought, this is a mic (which is not). So you don’t need an Audio Device, here.

Well yeah, as previously mentioned that’s what i’ve been doing recording then trasferring files to laptop, but I was wondering if it’s possible to hook this straight up to my laptop in some way that I can use it within Cubase instantly instead of copying files constantly, it would save a lot of time that way as you can imagine.

Hmm, I guess I will contact Sony and ask them then, thanks :slight_smile:

It could also be possible that the unit gives a direct (audio) output of what’s being recorded - in that case connecting it to your computer’s audio input(s) could work.

As I saw, there is an audio output on the PCM-M10. But I would recommend this. If you will do this, you will use D/A convertors of the PCM-M10, and then you will get a noise, and back A/D convertor on the Audio Device. So you will degrade the signal.

I guess what you are saying is that it’s not worth it?

I’ll probably invest in a proper mic for recording vocals n whatnot.

Yes, it’s not worth it. You will not get any advantage. You will get only extra noise.

Worth it or not - it was an assumption whether this would even be possible… If it is, I’d simply try it first. You might not even notice the signal ‘degradation’ - or not be bothered by it.

Thanks, I will just keep the PCM-M10 as field recordings only.

I am going to purchase the SM7B mic after all :slight_smile:

It’s a good idea to build up a collection of different mics over time anyway. They all have different sounds & excel at capturing different sources. It’s nice to have some choice when recording.

Also I’m with Arjan, give it a try using the audio out and see what that sounds like.