Use straight flags in tempo indication

Can you get straight flags in tempi, to match straight flags used in the rest of the notation, when selected?


Also, how do you make the tempo text and equals sign larger?

To increase the size of the roman text in a metronome mark, edit the Metronome text font font style in Library > Font Styles.

Bravura Text doesn’t include any glyphs suitable for metronome marks with straight flags, I’m afraid. Perhaps you can cook that up as a Shift+Alt+X system-attached text item using another font (e.g. Metrico) and hide the “real” metronome mark.

There are multiple font styles used for different parts and types of tempo marks – there’s a labelled example here to show which ones are used where.

Like this?

Try my updated version of Metrico font: (9.4 KB)

You can now type ’ for and 8th straight flag, and " for 16th straight flag, see below: