use the multibandcomp from SX3


i would like to use the old multiband compressor from SX3.
But it doesn’t work @ my CS5 but my mate got it working.

I like that one more than all other multibands cause the warmness.

Hope someone can tell me how to do it.

What Cubase version is your mate using? Probably not the “studio” version. You need a “full” Cubase version to run the SX 3 multiband compressor.

Ok, as i understand it only works with Cubase 5 and not studio.
That would be awfull :frowning: i heard the multi from him and the new one and i like the sound from the older version.
No 3rd party vst which look almost the same with the sound?

I thought it was just a vst plugin (.dll) like any other? could you explain further please!

The Multiband compressor in any Cubase version is a “full-version-only” PlugIn, (i.e. not available in lower versions) and therefore will probably (and obviously) only run in the “full version”.

Hmm… That would make sense I suppose.

Sorry, I have to correct my previous statement:
You can run the “full-version-only” Plugins also in lower versions, Nevertheless you need to have a license of the full version app on (one of) your USB key(s).