Use The OS Recycle Bin For Files Deleted From Project Pool

An annual request continued…

Please have Cubase use the computers Operating System “Recycle Bin” for files deleted from the Cubase project pool trash. I like the thought of having one last layer of protection from deleting something that should not have been.

In conjunction with this request please make sure to add a user preference to turn this feature on/off so that users can save some steps if they have the guts. :wink:

My similar request for CB8:

My similar request for CB7 (yes, it’s deleted): … ecycle+bin

I renew my enthusiasm about this topic when I have a brain fart and somehow delete audio files from a project pool that I shouldn’t have. It doesn’t happen often but, when it does… YIKES! And yes… I zip right past the CB warning dialog box that pops up during the delete process, so it’s my fault. Also, I sometimes delete files when I shouldn’t because I fall into a lame Cubase trap that is allowed when creating a template from an existing project.

My FR for the template thingy.

Regards :sunglasses: