Use the same colour for same tracks removed?

Hey guys!

Cubase 10 imo is by far improved.

But there was this little button you could select multiple tracks and then right click and use the same colour for the selected tracks of the same type that it’s not there anymore. Can I access it somewhere else except key commanding it? :confused: :confused:

Also, what’s your thoughts about Cubase 10 so far?

Hi and welcome,

All right-click menus were reduced. It seems this function has been removed. Unfortunately I can’t find any other way, how to reach this function. It’s not anywhere in the menu, even not in the Key Commands.

To me it looks like Feature loss.

Just upgraded to cubase 10 from 8 a few weeks ago, the absence of this feature is the first thing that’s disappointed me so far. What a drag having to change colour one track at a time!

It’s also annoying how the colour palette doesn’t close automatically after selecting a patch as it did in 8, you have to hit the “X” or click on something outside the palette. Just doubles the amount of clicks when you’re trying to change colours on a heap of tracks.

Used to be able to do a whole bunch of tracks with 4 clicks (click first track, shift-click last track to select all, right click track with donor colour, click “use colour for same type”) Now it’s at least 2 clicks PER TRACK…

What would be great is if one could select multiple tracks, bring up the palette, shift or control click the colour patch to have it applied across all selected tracks (and automatically closing the palette tool). That removes the need to have it in the right-click menu.

After some research I’ve discovered that this is possible using the project logical editor. After setting up the command, I can select multiple tracks and change easily change them all with one key command :slight_smile: Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that one can bring up the colour selector palette from the project logical editor, just gotta set up multiple key commands for my 5 main colours :slight_smile: