Use Wavelab 9 design as a guideline for Cubase 10

EDIT: Though Dorico is still only getting started, the clean look of it could also be an inspiration.

I think the look, spacing, and overall functionality of Wavelab 9 is amazing. Wouldn’t it be a great direction for Cubase to move in?

Outstanding points:

  • Extremely consistent look
  • Very little space is wasted
  • Tight zone border margins
  • Window tabs are small but clearly readable.
  • Completely dockable functionality
  • Completely customizable coloring with good looking default themes
  • Code already belongs to Steinberg, it’s something possible to study in-house
  • Give PG a raise?

Screenshot taken from the Cubase Hangout

Maybe. It is a WONDERFUL design (especially considering how crap WL7 was)… for the power user. However, I think it could be absolute -murder- for casual users. It has a real learning curve. But for committed users, it’s as good a UI as I’ve ever experienced.

But you left out, IMO, the best feature of WL9… the tool tips and on-line help. I have NEVER encountered as comprehensive and ‘helpful’ a system in my entire life. And I used to write that stuff for a living. It makes Cubase look like doo doo.