Use winged and non-winged repeat bars in the same flow, extend repeat bars over multiple staves

Is it possible to add wings on some repeat bar lines but not others? I’m needing to communicate nested repeats, and I want to use non-winged barlines for the subsidiary repeats, and winged ones for the larger section that repeats. If this is not currently possible, one way to implement might be to have a toggle for wings in the inspector area (bottom pop-up).
Another related request, is it possible to have repeat barlines traverse multiple staves, even if those staves are not in a bracketed group? This would also help me to differentiate the larger repeats from the subsidiary, nested ones.
Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Welcome to the forum, @oscarmsmith. I’m afraid at the moment it’s not possible to determine by way of properties whether a particular set of repeats should or shouldn’t show wings, but it’s certainly a reasonable request and I’ve made a note of it.

Provided you have Dorico Pro, you can change the barline joins using bracketing and barline changes, but there’s no default option to change the barline joins at repeats, I’m afraid.

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I second that. I have seen show books that use wings to denote vamps and safeties, and use un-winged repeats for the normal obligatory repeats. Likewise for compositions with narrations that require safety.

I have also seen polka books that seem to differentiate between winged and un-winged repeats.

It would also be nice to be able to display wings on a regular double-bar (without an explicit repeat.) There have been many times I wanted to designate an open solo section that way. You can’t really use normal winged repeats if the enclosed section itself includes repeats. I’d like to be able to add a comment at the end of the open solo section (ending with backwards wings) “Back to D for additional solos.” Right now I have to do it with cut marks. Pit orchestra people are OK with that, but jazz musicians find that a bit confusing.


Like this?

repeat barline joins all staves

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