Use without the elicenser

I run out of usb ports, is there anyway to install and use the software without it, as long as I have the products connected to my account or do I have to wait until next year.

You must use the ELC. And next year the C12 release will be a different license but it will take time for other products to follow. So you’ll still need ELC for a while to come.

Suggest purchase another small hub. You don’t need anything glamorous for this.

Thanks for the quick reply. I have Nuendo will I still need a ELC when C12 comes out ?

Also I have the 2021 Macbook Pro with MacOS Monterey, is it compatible with Nuendo yet ?

Thanks Again.

M1 or Intel? I’m running Nuendo on an M1 Macbook Pro with Monterey 12.1, and it runs pretty smooth.

I have the MacBook Pro M1 Max, do you have enable Rosetta Mode ?


Nuendo isn’t native for M1 yet, so I guess it does run under Rosetta. But I don’t recall having an option to choose to not run it under Rosetta, as you have in Logic for example.

Thanks for all your help, I appreciate it.

Glad I could help!