Used 10.5 on a full session last night

I put 10.5 to a real test and used it on a session last night with a client. Not only did it it perform pretty much flawlessly with no crashes (the one problem later) but I also leveraged 5 of the new features (Combined select tool, Track colors, Spectral comparison eq, Session import, and Padshop 2) not just to do it, but because I needed to or they made things easier and better.

I know some felt underwhelmed by this release but as a user since Cubase 4, my opinion is that this has been the most useful .5 release since that time. Thank you Steinberg.

I did run into one issue that I had noticed previously in 10 where a popup tells you to save and restart Cubase after previewing multiple loops. I suspect its an issue with memory handling/releasing as I was spamming thru the preview in the right zone pretty quick and same place I noticed it before. Being that I knew it about it from 10, I cant blame it on .5