Used copy of cubase - E-license already used!

So I’ve been away from producing for a good few years and I’ve been wanting to get back into it. I was after a copy of Cubase 10 and found that the most affordable way to do this was to buy an older version of cubase and upgrade.

So I recently managed to buy a copy of Cubase 7 from Facebook Marketplace and the gentleman sent me the box with the disc etc and I bought myself a USB e-licenser off Amazon as per his suggestion.

Upon installation I’m informed that I can’t register the e-license because it is already registered to the previous owner of the software. I’ve tried contact the guy but I’ve been getting no response and I emailed Steinberg a few days ago about this but still haven’t heard anything back from them either.

Any suggestions on what I should do?

What you refer to as the “e-license” is most likely the single-use activation code which the seller has already used to obtain the actual license, which is now stored on his USB-eLicenser. The only way to transfer that license to your USB-eLicenser is for both of them to be connected to the same internet-connected computer in order to perform the transfer.

The process the seller should have followed is described here:
How to resell Steinberg software (Resale Wizard)

The product effectively is the license stored on the seller’s USB-eLicenser, which the seller has not provided to you.

You should contact the seller and make sure, you get the license (i.e. his USB eLicenser) if that was included in the package you paid for.
If you did not buy from Steinberg, there is no use in contacting them. It is the seller who is responsible to provide what you were promised.

Hello members. Please help me on this. Under loop section or media bay section my sample loops which are played in preview player is not sounding up but its running in visuals. What shd I do in order to get it right.