Used Interfaces and Licensing

I am looking into buying a used UR44 or a used UR824. These are attractive (especially the UR824) since the integrated zero latency mixer is built in. But I want to be able to re-sell if I don’t like it. The current workflow (using a separate mix interface for the interface) works well enough for me right now.

So if I buy a used one and the VST versions of the internal effects have been registered by the previous owner, can I get I still get access to them? Do they have to transfer them to me? Or can I just contact support and register them?



The currently registered owner (seller) will need to submit a support request through their own MySteinberg account online to our support team and provide the hardware serial number and request that the product be unregistered from their account. We will then notify the registered owner that the product has been unregistered and a new user will be able to register the product’s serial number in their own MySteinberg account online. Once the hardware serial number is registered in your account, we will be able to provide you with new license codes for the Basic FX Suite.

Thank you.

Dear Joshua,

I have bought a used UR44, and registered it succefully in MySteinberg account online.
How should I proceed to get the activation codes for the Basic FX Suite from Steinberg?

Thank you very much !


This is absolutely horrible. I have 2 DAWs and transfered the UR824 from one machine to the other. Now I am getting crashes of my projects on the new machine. I have submitted a support request almost 2 weeks ago - so far no answer from Steinberg! I would be willing to pay a license fee just to make this go away - I have a client coming this afternoon and probably have to remove all of these reverbs from lots of tracks to be able to transfer them successfully.

I am sorry but this is really unacceptable behavior from Yamaha - why can they not sell these licenses directly? Any other 3rd party Plugin Manufacturer gives a much better experience than this - it feels like we are being punished for buying hardware branded by Steinberg.


Since you use Cubase anyway, wouldn’t it be possible to move the licenses to the eLicenser dongle? I use my ur824 with all my computers, and i have my reverbs and stuff license on the dongle, but not sure you can move them eaily, worth a try anyway.

I tried - so I have 2 dongles, one for my Steinberg UR824 and one which I got from buying Steinberg artist 6.0 back in the day and constantly updated up to Cubase Pro 10. That’s on the old DAW with now an old M-Audio Delta1010. The Basic FX license shows up there on the USB licenser. I have no idea how to transfer it to the other USB dongle (the one with the Pro 10.5 license on it) on the new DAW. What exactly are you suggesting? You cannot drag+drop the licenses or move them to the cloud like you can on many other licensing software. unless I really really misunderstand the software, they just sit there on the hardware licenser and are basically stuck on it forever.

It seems the only way to “install” a license onto a different dongle is by entering an activation code, but these are “once-use” only and it seems one is really stuck and at the mercy of support to recreate a new one for you. I don’t mind if I can’t use the Basic FX suite on the old machine anymore, but having projects crash out on my brand new i9 in front of the client is really a bad experience (I don’t like when 3rd party plugins make Cubase stuck, but I really do not understand how it can happen with an “in-house” thing that is being sold with Steinberg’s hardware).

They should have thought of that when they designed this system. Plus my support request actually dates back June 6th (I checked) so I am waiting for a reply for more than 3 weeks now.

You can plug in both dongles and simply drag and drop licenses from one to the other within the eLicenser Control Center application.

I got a new dongle a couple years back, and it was no problem transferring the licenses from old to new. Cant remember how, but I trust Scab Pickens has it right.

ok, I actually just tried it! It actually worked!!! :smiley:

Which is funny because you don’t get an indication that you can drag anything when there is only a single dongle connected - e.g. you can’t drag something from the dongle to the software licenser, so I assumed this wouldn’t work!

So fair play for bringing that up, that was an amazing piece of advice - have you done it before yourself? I could actually imagine not many people even having 2 dongles. great workaround and actually quite easy once you know that it works. Fair play!!


I’m glad it worked for you. :sunglasses:

Yes, I’ve actually done it. :wink: