Useful ideas for your key commands

Hi, I just wanted to share some of my workflow that I personally love. First! I have setup a cheap switch pedal to use as record (which is almost always set as re-record as this lets me start over easily! The more I can focus on music and less on moving my hands to click and what not the better.

SecondI recommend that you ditch the key commands that cubase gives you. I erased everything and started from scratch and add key commands as I need them. This has helped my workflow tremendously for example I have I setup as add instrument. O is setup to open/close plugins.
A - add audio track. etc. R is record, M mute, S solo, etc etc. But the most useful is I setup the left and right keys to go back and forward by bar. This is wonderful!

I always recommend a keyboard with number pads because it allows you to do much more.

I just wanted to help those who feel the workflow is getting in the way. Make Cubase yours! This is why I have stuck with Cubase and even though I have tried Ableton, reaper and others. For me Cubase Key commands are powerful! Logic is damn good too, but I am far to used to Cubase to switch to Logic.

Last tip is to setup your windows with LESS stuff. The cleaner the better! Go through all the settings and really make it yours. I will upload a couple settings and key commands that I have, that will help you if you want!
Empty Key Commands.xml (102.5 KB) 1 Preferences.xml (31.5 KB) 1 Key Commands.xml (113.4 KB)