Useful Improvements of Rendering-in-Place

Which of the suggested features would be great to have?

  • Both!
  • Only side-chaining all the “team” for processing a single “player” during rendering
  • Only dividing the rendering result by “dry” and “wetness”
  • None, I can live without this.

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Steinberg has improved Rendering-in-Place process, now it is a really powerful instrument. BUT it’s still not ideal and there is something which could be very useful for many sound engineers.

:arrow_right: So: please, add the option to consider affecting the group/fxchannel effects by all the other tracks when rendering individually each of them!
Let me explain. For example, you have a bunch of tracks routed to some group with a compressor inside. You want to render each track individually with the complete signal path. Expectations: all the rendered tracks in the mix must sound the same as before. Reality: set compression threshold was just right for a bunch of tracks but too high for each track in solo. Result: compressor hasn’t affected any of the tracks, the result is not the same as it was before.

Would be great if you had implemented such a feature of side-chaining all the “tracks team” for effects in all groups/fxchannels when rendering each “track player” individually. The most important point: the resulted rendered tracks must sound absolute the same together as it was before!

Another my dream is to have in Cubase the following feature:
:arrow_right: Make possible to divide a rendered track into “dryness” and “wetness” parts.

What do I mean? If the track is rendered with the complete signal path, I would like to have a dry track of it (complete groups path) and track of “wetness” (all the fx-channels affecting – including sends of the track and all the sends of each group in the track’s signal path).

Now, let’s imagine we have already those two features. Just select all the tracks, render it with those options and get all your mix (which sounds the same as before) track-by-track with dry and “wetness” parts. Now all that could be sent to another audio engineer to finish the mix or to make fully-stemmed mastering or just be saved for remixing in future (all the plugins change their version so quickly; some of them could even become unsupported in your new OS, etc).

Guys, what do you think?