Useful or not...

Hi, I use C10pro. please tell me what is the difference between Cubase 10 &10.5 :question:

This might help :-

Thank you Quietly, your details are very useful for me & I understand now things in C10.5. after reading the webpage and so now I have bought it I have my activation code.
Please see pic and tell me which one should I download because I already have installed you know its 21.56gb so I want to confirm before I download.

Option #2, Update from 10.0 to 10.5

I have just bought C10.5 upgrade I have my activation code as well but in 2017 I bought upgrade for padshop pro extension separately now I want to know do I need a separate activation code to upgrade my padshop2 or will it be activated with the C10.5 upgrade? kindly guide me?
Actually when I read post it got me thinking: