User-defined beat values

Cubase is a great DAW, but it is unbelievably limited in one very important way:

Every trained musician knows that time signatures come in all sizes, with beats (and pulses) that include every possible time value (quarters, eighths, sixteenths, halfs, wholes, etc), and yet Cubase - although it has been increasing in sophistication and power for decades - still programs its DAW as though there is but one time value as beat – the quarter note! (Yes, one can make the metronome click in various subdivisions of the beat – ie, as though it were written with a different time value as beat – but this has no effect on the tempo, which Cubase always assigns to some phantom, all-pervasive quarter note.)

That’s like building a space station with no toilet.

Come on, guys!

It’s not as though it cannot be done: Digital Performer, for one, can do it.

Why, after so many years, have you not addressed this very basic issue? Are you only interested in selling to musical novices? You can’t find trained, experienced musicians to assist in Cubase’s development?

It didn’t make sense in the past, and it makes even less sense now.

After twenty years with Cubase, it’s enough to consider saying goodbye. . .

To others out there who share my frustration with this issue: how do other DAWS compare?

Heh. Space station with no toilet. Maybe a tad more disasterous than not being able to have a 6/8 metronome. :wink:

I only know about Digital Performer and that implemenmtation is nice, and as a bonus they show sharps and flats in the midi editors, (of course Score Edit show both) not just sharps.

But DP doesn’t have Cubase’s Logical Editor, nor is its Score editor as advanced.

Thanks for the feedback, SteveInChicago!

Anyone else out there interested in getting Steinberg to move beyond kindergarten on this particular issue?

Any other comparisons with other DAWs?