User-defined tags for tracks, events, etc, with tag-rules colorization

This is kind of a 2-pronged request:

  • add a general-purpose “tags” system, to tag Tracks, Events, etc. with user-defined tags. That way you can tag, say, a section in the Project that needs revision, or is waiting on someone else, …

  • add rule-based colorization for tagged items. That way, tags can change the color of a Track or Event, e.g., a vocal part that needs re-recorded can visually draw your attention to it by being red instead of the normal color.

In general, I’d like to see Cubase continue to add/enhance work-flow & productivity improving features like this.

That would be a nice addition.

Awhile back I started using Cubase’s built in Color capabilities as de facto tags. This is possible because you can change the color names to whatever you want, for example “Edit Me” and the Project Logical Editor can use the color names in selection criteria.

I posted a detailed explanation on the old forum, if I can find it here I’ll add a link.

Here’s the link. Also I think a lot of folks use a 2nd Marker Track for keeping text-notes along the timeline. These can also be color coded.