User Editable Menus

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own menus set up in Cubase like your brain is wirded, no matter how weird you are?
I’m thinking user editable menus in a drag and drop editor. Firefox and/or Google Chrome have some GUI editor I forgot the name of. And in the case of Cubase there are already at least the possibility to reorder things in toolbars. If we expand that to the menus it doesn’t really affect the functionality of the program which order the items in the menus are in, which menu you have a specific item or if you remove the item or put it in another menu. It’s just a few arrays containing the items that will be displayed. So if you never use the project > browser or you want the media > import audio CD on the file > import menu you could do that. Everybody would get their very own Cubase with as few or as many items in as each of us wishes for! :sunglasses:
Everybody is different, right?
And everybody and Uncle Bob is doing drop down menus on their webpages with not much effort with just HTML and CSS so it’s not rocket surgery, especially not for Steinberg. They can if they want to. But they need a reset button for all the bozos out their creating support tickets when they have screwed up their menus haha!
But Key Commands are faster, better, scooter! For all those thing you don’t need under your finger tips but never find in the menus until you’re almost screaming it would help with user editable menus.


This is available in Nuendo since ever.

OK? Nice? But how am I going to use this splendid information as a Cubase user?


There is an option to get this feature already. Just by upgrading to Nuendo.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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