User Experience Improvement: Readability and the Notepad feature

The current Notepad feature in Cubase/Nuendo provides a narrow region for text. The inspector view provides a fixed width and the mixer view, even at the maximum track width, still provides a narrow region. This limits the readability of the text.

The line width seems to limit the character count to around 16 characters. The is well below the recommended count based on current research. A more readable paragraph width should contain around 50 to 70 characters.

It’s understandable that many users may not use the notepad for multiple sentences. However, this may be because the narrow region doesn’t make it reasonable to do so.

It may be unrealistic to make the track widths wider for the text or the inspector wider. Instead I recommend that you create a button on the notepad that generates a pop-up window containing the text. The window could then be resizable so that the reader can better read their notes.

Example Wireframe of Proposal
The low-fidelity wireframe here visualizes the idea


Absolutely, this would be invaluable to my workflow, in fact, I quite often have to write external notes and send them with projects due to this limitation. It would be lovely to have a decent note taking facility within Cubase that allows links to the relevant part/section/channel/menu (a lot to ask, I know).

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I wanted to suggest Notes track to have notes directly on the timeline the current notepad is so limited I once lost all the notes becasue I have accidently deleted the text and there is no way to bring it back once deleted! The notepad is definatelly not the best feature in its current state!

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Regarding notes on the timeline, that sounds like an idea that would require a lot of testing. It’s probably not something any of us have ever seen before. However, Cubase does offer Markers with comments. I will write small notes in my markers for that purpose.

Then regarding losing your notes once deleted… oh yeah, that sucks. Sorry that happened. This means notes are not saved as a part of the delete history. Probably something to consider.

You mean the description? If that is what you are reffering to it is not a good function because if you add a sentence long text it just expands the marker across the whole timeline it deosn’t behave like a notes.

The best way for the Notes on a timeline would be to have points and if you hover mouse over it, it would expand to a page.

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Correct. The descriptions in markers. I agree, it doesn’t work for long sentences. What you’re describing is an interesting idea. Do you know of any other timeline based tools that allow for note placement? For example is there any video editor software that does it? I feel like a lot of their development is more up to speed.

Oh wait. Maybe each marker could have it’s own, optional “note”. Then a user can double click to expand a note window. This concept requires some serious research though but that sounds interesting.

Yes, that’s what I mean if you click on the marker the page would pop up

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