User Folders For Logical Editor Presets

Hey I was just trying to organize the Logical Editor presets. I made a lot of my own presets and I tried to make my own folders in there because it looks really disorganized. The Logical Editor does not see my folders.

This is poorly thought out. Can you make this a little more polished?

I expect more from a huge company such as Steinberg.

Humm, I made folders for my presets some time ago that showed up fine. I created the new folders in Windows and Cubase saw them the next time it opened.

I just created a new folder to test that it still works, which it did. No good ideas about why it isn’t working for you. Are you sure you created the folders in the right location? If you’ve installed different versions of Cubase over the years each one will have its own Preset Folder.

username/appdata/roaming/steinberg/cubaseXX/presets/logical editor

Thanks. I was using my backup location. Would love to have the ability to assign a folder location for Cubase presets also I am using the Logical Editor often for shortcuts and macros and it is very clunky, not up to Steinberg standards!

Can you describe what you are finding clunky in more detail?

Navigating to the place where the presets are stored, changing where they are is impossible, mixing macros from different stored versions is impossible. It is impossible to see the key commands previously saved so if you want to replace one, you have to either remember the name or use load to see them. That is utterly stupid! I could go on and on but you get my drift.

Certainly macros are long in the tooth, but I’m not sure what you are after. For Logical Editor presets you can add folders so the presets appear in different folders in the L.E. dropdown menu. Macros are stored in the Key Commands file. Both L.E. preset and Macro key bindings are shown there too. While it’s old, it’s hardly “stupid”.

Well you are doing a bit of bait and switch here. Your OP is about organizing LE presets but the bulk of your examples about that being dysfunctional concern Key Commands & Macros. In fact your only stated issue regarding LE Presets is about navigating to where they are saved. I agree it is a clunky path, but it is also where MS says program data like this should be stored & if you go up a level from the Steinberg folder you’ll find folders for most of the other stuff loaded on your PC. That said, navigating there is a bit of a pain since you have to go to the AppData/etc…/Steinberg folder for every setting. That’s why most folks decide after a few trips down that path to create a shortcut and forget about it.

I gave the example of saving patches in the Key shortcuts section but it is the same in the Logical Editor. When saving, you can not see the names of the previously saved patches. Also when using the Logical Editor, I always also use Key shortcuts and macros. In my mind, all these functions should be combined in one window.

It is impossible to see the key commands previously saved so if you want to replace one, you have to either remember the name or use load to see them.

Many user presets that are saved using that dialog, not just Key Commands and LE presets- Track Controls, input/output busses, tool bar setup presets, etc, etc… It would be nice if the save dialogs had more details, even a quasi file open dialog where you couldn’t change out of the %appdata% or /Preferences folder would be more convenient. (I assume the files need to reside in the appdata or the (Mac) Preferences folder)

Yes, true. It’s a big issue for me.