User helping User Forum ?

Hi again …
Nice new forum !

Would like to know, if anything has changed regarding it’s status.

Has it evolved to an official support forum, or is it still UhU ??

peace, Jan

YooHoo? :smiley: Sounds refreshing…


it is still a U H U forum.



pronounced “uh-ooh”? :laughing:


OK, thanks for the info !

bye, Jan

User helping User according to their own abilities…

Lets stick together.


…and for those who need a little extra assistance during those rough times.

You hoo really wouldn’t want to mix those two products up :mrgreen:

I got a bad feeling about this UHU stuff … :laughing:

I’m too dang tired to dive into Photoshop to get the graphics right …

but I had a vision


… tell us your problems …
… we tell you where to stick it

VIRAL … well no, not yet, but definitely microbial or at least bacterial.

hehe … thought about posting that product … but didn’t get the slogan right :neutral_face:

BTW, Your atom has some serious timing issues !!

bye, Jan

Yeah, I wouldn’t use it in an atomic clock!!!

Ah, that pic brings back fond memories!
I used to have a balsawood glider called ‘Der Kleine UHU’, ages ago…
I glued al the parts together with that glue! :smiley:

Hey Split … here is the

Elektro UHU

from Graupner
ARTF Electric Glider

I found it last night when I was - for some obscure reason -researching UHU stuff


This is it! :smiley:

It’s the Steinberg equivalent of the David Cameron (UK prone minister) “big society” - y’know when everybody in the country takes the responsibility to help each other and the state just kicks back and chills.

Isn’t that just what they say about radio controlled modelplanes?
500 hours of building, 5 minutes of flying… :confused: