User interface and screen real estate

Congratulations on Dorico 3 - what an achievement!

I notice that some elements of the user interface are taking more space than they did in version 2, as shown in these two screenshots. This is surely an uncommon use; but in the right hand panel, it’s really helpful to see as many custom accidentals as possible. Having five columns of accidentals, as in version 2, seems to me better than version 3, where sometimes only three accidentals fit in a row. Perhaps other parts of the interface are also larger, but I’m not sure.

If there is any chance of making the UI a little smaller or space-conserving, I think that would be fantastic. Thanks for considering!

In general Anthony has actually reduced padding throughout the user interface, rather than increased the size of things. But I’ll ask him to have a look at this specific case next week.

Thanks very much! I realize this is really an unusual case.