User Interface for Compressor (and other effects)

Hello Steinberg Team:

The user interface for the Compressor (and other effects) in Cubasis would greatly benefit from some kind of meter that indicates how much the track is being affected.

It is quite difficult to work with Compression (and other effects) when you can’t see what changes are being made.

The current Interface for the Compressor only allows us to guess what changes have been made to the track. There are no numbers/meters or any other indication of how much we are changing the track.

I understand that Cubasis is supposed to be a “simpler” “paired down” DAW, but Meter indicators are a must when working with effects.

Are there any plans to add meters to the Compressor (and other effects) to help us better use these tools?

Dear scompton3901,

thanks a bunch for your input and ideas! We put your wish on the list and hope to have that improved in a near future!


I too thought this initially, but then i realised that we should be measuring the results of effects with our hearing and not with our eyes !!!