User interface impossible to read

I just purchased Cubase Pro 10 today. I have been using Cubase Pro 8 since its release, and its UI is fine. Cubase 10, however, has much smaller text and everything. I went through the preferences 3 times, found nothing that could help me scale the UI to my liking.

Unfortunately it’s impossible for me to work with C10 like this. I had to open the Magnifier (I’m using Windows 10) in order to see the menus, dialog boxes and other things. :cry: Scaling Windows elements bigger is not the answer.

Have you tried running in HiDPI mode (prefs > general)? I think its kinda broken for running VSTs though but maybe it works for you.

Yep I did, and it made no difference whatsoever, I was wondering what’s the purpose if it has no effect.

Are u maybe working with multiple screens using different screen resolutions?

I had initial issues (working with 3 screens) but with HiDPI mode it is now working flawlessly. Also VSTs.

Hope you get your issue resolved!


Thank you for your thoughts.

I’m working with one 27" IPS monitor at 1440p. All the menus and UI elements in Cubase Pro 8 are actually much easier to read. I tried the HiDPI mode again, and there’s only a slight difference – it’s a tad better when disabled.

I tried Winaero Tweaker which allows you to change the font size and font type of Windows elements, sadly it had no effect for Cubase dropdown menus. Weird.

Scaling Windows itself made it easier to read, but it broke some plugins UI (and of some other programs) so it’s not a good solution.

Then I disabled ClearType (Smooth the edges of screen fonts) and it made a significant improvement. Could be better, but at least it’s a great improvement compared to what it was. :slight_smile: