User Issues with Vari Audio (please help)

Hello! im having some issues with Vari Audio, I dont know if I clicked something there but for example;

I have;

Lady VOX1 and Lady VOX 2 < this one is just a copy from 1 with different fx chain to make a layer… before this issue vari audio was working independently in each audio, but now when I move a note from Vox1 vari audio is moving also Vox2

How can I disable this?

Thanks in advance

You need to make a new version of the file, otherwise your edits will affect all copies.

Normally, Cubase will ask you if you want to create a new version:

If you checked “don’t ask again”, you can restore these dialogs by going to the Preferences and setting these two options to “Open Options Dialog”:

You can also make a new version of the file manually by opening the pool window and right clicking the file. To open the pool window, press Ctrl+P, or Alt+Right click the event then select Audio → Find Selected in Pool.

Thank you very much!