User Libraries only in Standalone

can anyone help on this , I created some new User Libs , but I can only see then in the standalone App and not the VST plugin .

if I switch the Plugin to User and Factory I can see them in factory

Stand Alone

PLug in

Does anyone know were the HALion 7 database is stored

I would check the preferences folder in %appdata%/Steinberg

thank you , I delete the HALion 7 Prefs and it fixed the problem .

before I delete the Prefs yo can see here , HALIon 7 seems to have saved the User Lib to the Factory , so could not edit them

OK it’s not fixed ! deleting pref did fixed it but after restarting Cubase same problem is back !!

update on this problem , if you add a custom Icon you will have this problem again , HALion move the Library to the factory session and you can’t do anything with it …

bug has been reported