User library thumbnail / custom vstpresets folders

I’m excited to be back working with Halion 7. I haven’t touched it for a while. I came across two issues that I haven’t found a solution to. Possibly, they are related. Hopefully somebody can help with this:

  1. I have saved a vstpreset to some folder where it wasn’t automatically detected from the media bay. I have filled all the tag information like author name, library name etc. Then I dragged and dropped this .vstpreset file to the mediabay since it wasn’t imported there automatically. The preset is now listed under the “All” thumbnail, however, I specifically gave the library a name and rather want it to appear as its own little thumbnail in the programs selector. How do I manage to do this without saving multiple presets to a library? I know I have managed to do this in the past with a “User” thumbnail, but I don’t remember how I did that nor do I find the right place in the manual.

  2. Is there any way I can specify folders for mediabay where it should look for presets? I’d like it to import some custom folders automatically on my f:\ drive where I store my presets. Currently, I have to drag and drop the presets as stated above.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Regarding 1), I have a thumbnail now after restarting Halion 7. This appears a bit erratic to me. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?