User-made playing techniques not working in Dorico 3.5

Help please! I am the proud owner of full D3.5 pro after several years of the lite version. Two reasons - I want a full orchestra ( not the 12 limit) and I want to make use of all the articulations in my EWQL orchestra by creating lots of user defined playing techniques. But I can’t get it to work. The problem is this:
I can create new Playing Techniques fine. I can call them whatever I like. They show up in the articulations area on the right and I can apply them to notes. Great.
When creating them, I can associate them EITHER with a ready-made playing technique or I can create a new one. If I do the former, all is well. If I do the latter - it doesn’t work:
I then go into Play, and edit an Expression Map. I add the new articulations and program the relevant keyswitches.
I then write some notes and add the PTs to them to try them out.
A new Playing Technique that is associated with an in-built PT works. But I don’t want this - there aren;t enough in-built ones and they don’t have helpful names for the arts I want to use.
If I create a new one and associate this with my new PT then the sound won’t play. When I look at the Playing Techniques bar under the music in the Play window - my new PTs are reinterpreted as Natural or something else. Dorico doesn’t accept my brand new PTs and won’t play them. I have followed a youtube video on this by John Barron and mine doesn’t do what his does! HELP

In Play > Expression Maps, you need to ensure your new playback technique is mapped to the appropriate MIDI controller and/or keyswitch. In Engrave > Playing Techniques, you need to make sure that your new playing technique is also mapped to your newly created playback technique. Provided the playback technique mapped in the expression map matches the playback technique that is produced by your playing technique, you should be fine.

If you can’t figure it out, please attach your project here and we’ll take a look.

In the attached project there is a violin playing a few notes. I change the playing technique as you can see - Nat - Test - QLeg - SusLeg and back to Nat again. In Play - you can see that SusLeg doesn’t trigger - the previous PT is still there. I have defined Test, Qleg and SusLeg.

You need to set up your mutual exclusion groups! Add Test, QLeg and SusLeg to the Primary String mutual exclusion group and they will trigger correctly.

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WONDERFPUL!! This works. Thanks. But now I find that these new techniques disappear when {I start a new score. How and where do I save them? I’d like to send them to others too. They don’t seem to be part of the Playback Template?

Solved! The associated endpoint setup file can be added to the Playback Template - and then this will call up the new techniques for any new piece using this template

or even easier is just to select your technique in the “Edit Playing Techniques” screen and click on the star for “save as default”. This doesn’t actually save as default but rather makes that technique available to all other projects without needing to associate it with any particular endpoint.

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