user own styles possible ?

Hi. just got GA4 and i see only style to pattern conversion , but can’t a user have its own styles ?
when i think of it probably its not only matter of doing user pattern and the agent can use it as style, but no scripting or programing styles of user programmed patterns ?

They did not implement this.

mmm too bad. i wanted to fire my drummer :wink:
but really the strongest part of GA4(as i know)over other drum samplers is that style agent automaticlly can be dynamically change parameters on the fly. although some GA4 styles are useful many styles are not covered,and users using their own patterns cannot benefit from GA4 style agent. maybe in upcoming updates /upgrades ? (which can take years !!)

This is one of the reasons for me “hating” GA4. Styles cannot be made through the program. It is not possible to tweak a style, save it and still have the style functionality either. Thus, to me styles are not usable. I prefer soft drums that comes with a large library of groove variety. Grooves that can be tweaked and saved. I believe Steinberg has made this functionality to suck money out of people. Over the years they will issue expansions that support the style functionality. They have issued 3 already. 3. party developers seem to want to go into style making, so Steinberg fully controls the money flow on the expansions. So if you want a variety in styles you will end up with the most expencive soft drum ever. Other developers make and sell expansions for their soft drums too, but at least they are more cross platforms than GA4, thus more for your money. As an example I can use all my MIDI expansions from AD in SD. And all of my other soft drums accept 3. party and self made grooves. For Live settings styles are great, but in the studio - nope. It is however possible to route signals from GA4 to another soft drum, thus utilizing the styles in another soft drum, but that is a cumbersome way and includes new mapping.

Well steinberg is a company,and company who cant earn money will be over…
They shoukd make more styles and libraries for GA4,but they defently cant do all styles.and lot of users do their own.maybe they didnt do the styles for user because of future profits.which I think anyway users will buy if they need that specific style and they used to use ready stuff.
Or maybe its hard to implement user styles within the program!

I agree that a company should earn money. I I will gladly give mine to Steinberg - for good products. I find CB8 a very good product, and to me CB has been for many years. I also have Protools, Cakewalk, Reaper and Logic so I am able to compare. GA4 is however not a good product, and I think that customers are fooled into a trap it is difficult to get out of. Let’s say you have the choice of your first soft drum. You buy GA4 as you are facinated by the styles function. You install and try it out only to find that it is quite a limited function. You start buying add on styles to compensate. However you will envy your neighbour who chose differently and who has full freedom in geneating grooves, saving and re-using, buing 3. party add ons real cheap and building a huge library with less money. And even better samplings.


Exactly My Feeling, I get frustrated thinking about GA 4 and the only way to cure that is, stop thinking about it,and know it just have to accept it. GA has more influence on my mood then on my creativity. :imp: