User Panel control

Hi !

There isn´t really possibility to control the User Panel knobs,faders etc. over an external midi controler ?
I am wrong ?

Thank for suggestions !

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You probably want to control Device Panels, right? This is possible, but only via Quick Controls.
Just load a synth device panel (like the Matrix 1000 editor), open the Quick Controls panel in the inspector and you’ll see all parameters of the synth editor. Any parameter can be mapped to one of the eight Quick Controls.
To connect your hardware controller to the Quick Controls, I’d recommend to set up a Generic Remote device (in Studio Setup).

I need to control more than 8 parameters .
It´s shame that Cubase doesn´t allow to controll more parameters externally via Device Panel or quick controls ( in the year 2019 !! ).

Yes. MIDI learn for every parameter of the Device Panels would definitely be cool! It would be even cooler if they would update the whole Device Panel Editor. It’s such a great feature for hybrid studios but the ancient and buggy editor is a nightmare.

I don’t know anyone using it anymore, should really be updated or replaced with something less time consuming.

I’m using it every day with my Yamaha DX100, SIDstation and Matrix 1000. If you manage to set it up properly, it is a fantastic tool to automate CC#s and also to quickly access (and tweak) patches of hardware synths.

I once tried the Ctrlr VST plugin for my Matrix 1000, but in my opinion the Ctrlr editor is even worse than the build-in Device Panel editor. (and if I remember right, MIDI learn also wasn’t possible with this VST)