User Panel controlling

Hi !

It is possible to control the “User Panel” - knobs,faders etc. over an external midi device ?
Thanks !


With knobs on VST effects, right click the mouse over the knob you want to control choose 'Add “x” to Quick Controls slot > No. x.
Then go into the Studio tab, Studio Setup…, Track Quick Controls, select your device in the ‘Midi Input’ drop down menu, hit Apply,
Select the Quick Controls slot 1>8 that you assigned the VST effect’s knob to, check the ‘Learn’ box move a knob on your Midi device hit OK and you’re good to go.
Knobs on VST instruments usually have ‘Learn CC’ when you right click over them which means you just move a knob.
If you have faders on your Midi device these are usually pre-mapped to Cubase during installation (depending on the manufacturer). If not you can download an XML file from the manufacturer. Check this Video out.
P.s. This is the ‘Feature Request’ forum, for general questions you’ll want to hit the ‘General’ forum. :wink:

Hi !

I ment the faders and knobs of the User Panel.
Apparently isn´t possibility to control these knobs over an external midi controler !