User Picture in Cubase Elements 12?


I have Cubase Elements 12 and like to use many different “user pictures” on many different tracks/channels in my cubase projects.

But when I do that they should show up in the “user picture browser” in Cubase , to easily re-use those “user pictures”, right? But even though I can put them on the tracks and different ones, they dont show up in the “user picture browser,”, is that a restriction for Elements?

Kind regards, Robin Gardner

What’s the issue you’re having, exactly? Are you able to import the user pictures just fine?

They’re supposed to be saved in the User tab, as shown here:

Do they disappear when you close Cubase? What OS are you using?


Thanks for answering about this! Maybe a “preferences” thing?

My OS is Windows 10 Home edition, fully u

pdated since yesterday anyway.

Please have a look at my picture and answer that question if possible?

Kind regards, Robin Gardner