User Plug in Collection issue

Cubase 11.0.10. I created a user plug in collection…
OS: Mac Catalina.

more often when I want to open a plug in… in the Insert Slot…
all is unfolded …
all the folders are open not always. but really often.
that must be a bug.

No… it’s intended
use the search, makes you faster

what ?? it can’t be intended …
when sometimes the structure company folders are open and sometimes are all closed without doing anything. sorry I don’t believe that.

i don’t need to search … I want to look in the Company folder, than im good to go with it.
but the problem is one more click to close all folders at the minus button.

it changed often , I think its not normal.

the search in the plug-in list is incredible… very handy

Yes of course its a great tool…

Problem solved … seems to be a bug on my system.
i installed Cubase again - program reset and now it seems to work.